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Audit Logs

DronaHQ platform provides different functionalities like developing and designing Microapps, building sheets, creating automations, different API calls an so on. You may need to examine different actions and events to identify the issues that might have caused the unexpected response during execution. DronaHQ offers Audit Logs, an Add-on feature provided on request, available in Enterprise plan .

In Audit Logs the events are categorized into run-level and admin-level. The run-level events include LOOKUP function calls, API calls, App Configuration and so on while the admin level ones include app creations or user deletions or granting permissions and many more.

  1. To view Audit Logs, under Profile Settings click Analytics -> Audit Logs.

    Audit Logs
    Audit Logs
  2. Under Audit logs you will be able to see list of different events like LOOKUP, DB Query , API Added, and so on.

    View  Audit Logs
    View Audit Logs
  3. To view for certain days say last 2 days, last 7 days and so on you can use the Date Range option in Audit Logs.

    :::info NOTE

    Date range selection is limited to a period of only one month.


    In the Date Range Select the dates you want to view and click Apply.

    Custom Date Range
    Custom Date Range
  1. You will be able to view all the events in the specified dates.s

    Date Range Filtered Results
    Date Range Filtered Results

    Overall it provides you with the logging of data related to different types of calls. For further action if you want to view the data then you will be able to view items like User Email, Channel ID, Plugin ID, and so on.

    Audit Log Detail
    Audit Log Detail

    For our example for API calls it provides details like Channel Id, Plugin ID, Response Code and so on.

  2. Click Back to return to Audit logs.

List of events logged

  • User Invited
  • User Deactivated
  • Group Created
  • Admin Logged In
  • Admin Logged Out
  • Sheet Created
  • Sheet Deleted
  • Sheet Rename
  • Sheet Permission Updated
  • App Created
  • App Deleted
  • App Published
  • App Unpublished
  • App Made Live
  • App Permission Updated
  • App Owner Changed
  • App Config Updated
  • App Made Live
  • Template Created
  • API Added
  • API Updated
  • API Deleted
  • API Call
  • Db Query Added
  • Db Query Updated
  • Db Query Deleted
  • Db Query
  • Pdf Creation
  • Lookup
  • Insert Row
  • Update Row
  • Delete Row
  • User Logged In
  • User Logged Out
  • Microapp Opened
  • Password Reset Requested
  • Password Changed
  • Settings Updated
  • API Category Added
  • API Category Updated
  • API Category Deleted
  • Db Category Added
  • Db Category Updated
  • Db Category Deleted
  • Environment Added
  • Environment Updated
  • Environment Deleted
  • API Environment Updated

To enable Audit logs activate the admin event logging option provided in security settings.


Thus, Audit Logs provides logging of Admin events as well as Microapp events.