This family of device APIs provided by dronahq.js allows a micro-app an easy way to submit data in background via http requests.

It has the following method(s) -

It also provide the following event(s) -


This method uploads JSON data to a remote URL. Optionally you can also upload an image file using this request. The JSON data is sent in the request body. By invoking this method, the micro-app will keep trying the data upload until the server returns an http 2XX response. For failed requests, the app will keep trying to upload the data in every 1 hour.

Please note that calling this method only submits the request to the Container App. Actual upload happens when the sync service is triggered the next time. You can call the refresh method to trigger the sync service.


Parameter Type Description
remoteurl string Required. http(s) URL of your API where the data should be submitted
requestmethod string Required. HTTP method type for the request. Supported values are ‘POST’ & ‘PUT’
requestdata object Required A valid JSON object which will be sent in the request body.
imagefilepath string Optional File Path URI for the image which should also get uploaded along with the request.
options object Optional A object with more request parameters like header & timeout.
fnsuccess function Optional Callback function which will be called after request has been added to the queue.
fnerror function Optional Callback function which will be called when request could not be added to the queue.
var remUrl = '';
var dronaHQReqMethod = 'POST';
var dronaHQReqData = {designation_code : 'X601'};
var reqImgURI = '';
var headers = [{ Authorization: 'Auth a2FuY2hhbkBkcm9uYW1vYmlsZS5jb206bWFpbEAxMjM0' }];

var options = {};
options.header = headers;

DronaHQ.sync.upload(remURL, dronaHQReqMethod, dronaHQReqData, reqImgURI, options);


Calling this method will wake up the sync service and triggers any pending upload.

//refreshType = 'upload' for submitting any pending uploads



This method gives a count of all the pending upload requests.

DronaHQ.sync.getPendingUploadCount(function(count){}, function(e){});



This event is triggered whenever the sync service has finished processing all pending requests, even if a few requests have failed to complete successfully. The failed requests are retried next time the service runs.

document.addEventListener('dronahq.sync.uploadcomplete', function(){
        //Refresh task is complete.