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Hasura Docs SLA

In order to maintain both the quality of docs and the sanity of the docs team, we follow these guidelines:

  • Team approval: When you raise a docs PR, it needs to be approved by someone from your team first.
  • Docs team review: After your team's approval, ask for a docs team review in the #team-docs channel. You should already have an assigned docs team member on GitHub. The docs team will review the PR within two business days of your team's review. Sometimes we can merge the PR after that, and often we suggest changes.

If we assume that there are 1-2 review cycles, the docs PR needs to come to the docs team at least 4-5 business days before the release.

  • Late PRs: If the docs PRs come in late, we will decide on one of two options:

    • We will wait to release these docs until the PRs have been adequately reviewed and live up to the quality standards.
    • We will push out the first version in the spirit of "Some docs are better than no docs." In this case, we expect you to submit a follow-up PR within 1-2 business days.

The above is about feature documentation that sometimes includes adding one or several pages. As usual, we will handle minor fixes and improvements at the earliest opportunity.