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What is DronaHQ

DronaHQ empowers you to rapidly develop custom applications and internal tools faster than ever. Seamlessly connect and query databases and APIs, design web or mobile apps with intuitive and feature-rich user interfaces, automate complex tasks, and create Approval flows within seconds. Unlock the full potential of your teams by enabling them to accomplish specific tasks efficiently and effectively

With DronaHQ, constructing your user interface is effortless as you can simply drag and drop pre-built controls onto a grid-style canvas. Seamlessly integrating the front-end and back-end with your data source becomes a breeze, optimizing the application development process. Moreover, DronaHQ offers robust support for writing JavaScript within your App, allowing you to incorporate logic, data transformations, and define intricate actionflows with ease.

Why DronaHQ

DronaHQ simplifies the process of building a UI that seamlessly communicates with any datasource. With DronaHQ, you have the flexibility to create a wide range of applications, from simple CRUD apps to intricate multi-step actionflows, following these straightforward steps:

  • Connect Datasource: Integrate with a datasource, whether it's a database or an API. DronaHQ provides plug-and-play support for a variety of databases and a RESTful API interface, ensuring smooth connectivity with most tools.

  • Design UI: Utilize a diverse set of customizable built-in widgets to construct the perfect app layout that suits your requirements.

  • Access Data: Establish a seamless connection between the UI and the datasource by crafting queries and binding the data to controls. Take complete control of the application's behavior with JavaScript.

  • Test, Publish, Share: DronaHQ facilitates app development with the help of preview, debugger, connector logs, watchlist. Once your app is ready, publish it and easily share it with other users.

Get started

There are two ways of using DronaHQ:

  • DronaHQ Cloud: Sign up for a free account and try DronaHQ.
  • Self-Host DronaHQ: Deploy and manage DronaHQ on your local machine or private server instance.

First steps

If you are new to DronaHQ, this is the place to start: