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Datasources plays a key role to every application development. They are used to store and manage the data. With DronaHQ, you can take benefits of direct connecting to supported datasources available on DronaHQ. You can write queries on DronaHQ to directly interact to read and write your connected datasources.

DronaHQ can also seamlessly connect with most other tools through the RESTful API plugin.


DronaHQ ensures the utmost security of your datasource credentials by encrypting them and storing them in a highly secure manner. Moreover, DronaHQ follows a strict policy of not retaining any data obtained from your datasources. Instead, it functions solely as a proxy layer, orchestrating the execution of queries. To further enhance data privacy, you have the option to self-host DronaHQ, guaranteeing that no data ever leaves your machine. For detailed insights on the security measures implemented, please refer to the Security section.

Based on the roles and access provided to users, they can access, connected and configured datasources from all the other applications present in the same workspace.


DronaHQ offers support for a variety of databases, including the following:

Rest API & Ready APIs

With DronaHQ, you can seamlessly connect with a diverse array of tools and platforms. In case a supported data source is unavailable, you can establish connections using the REST API. DronaHQ supports the following APIs: