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PDF Editor

DronaHQ provides a very powerful and feature-rich WYSIWYG PDF Editor where you can create/design a PDF template from either scratch or use a ready template and modify it according to your needs.

PDF Editor supports several components to add content like text, images, or table data to the page and also to organize the layout of those content. You can work with dynamic data inside the template by creating variables and binding them to the components.

The look and feel of specific pages can be changed by adding headers, footers, background colors, or images to it. Additionally, you can modify the page size, orientation, and margins to meet your design expectations. Miscellaneous settings like Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Page Reset make the design experience a breeze.

It is possible to create multiple versions of the same template. A new version of the template is created every time you publish and you can switch to any version using the rollback feature.

PDF Editor Elements


Global settings applies to all the pages at once and has the following fields as listed below.

Page SizeA dropdown to choose from over 18 page sizes, which includes A4, Legal, Letter, Tabloid, to name a few. By default, the page size is A4.
OrientationYou can either choose Portrait or Landscape mode to work on. By default, the page orientation is Portrait.
MarginThe margin for each side can be configured separately. Page dpi has a fixed value of 96, so this means 1 cm is equivalent to 37.8 pixels and 1 inch is equivalent to 96 pixels.
Global configuration
Global configuration


You can add content to the page using this components listed below.

TitleUsed to add title and subtitle to the page
TextUsed to add textual data to the page
ParagraphUsed to add text paragraph to the page
Heading 1Used to add main heading to the page
Heading 2Used to add small heading to the page
TableUsed to add table data to the page, best suited when you have fixed number of rows in your dataset.
Dynamic TableUsed to add table data to the page, where number of rows can expand depending upon the dataset.
ImageUsed to add jpeg or png images to the page. You can add a fixed image by selecting the file from your system or add an image at runtime using variable. Dimensions can be made fixed by specifying the width and height.
SummaryUsed to display summary report in a tabular manner. A summary variable is needed to pass DronaHQ's Summary Control output to this component.
Content Components
Content Components

Rich text editor

DronaHQ offers a large number of formatting options for textual content like changing fonts, its size, weight, style, color, line height and so on. You can add hyperlink which can be static as well as dynamic url(fetch from variable source). You can also set justification for text and list the items as bullet points.

Rich text editor
Rich text editor
Rich text editor

The rich text editor is activated when you click or focus on any text component within the template.