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PDF Creator allows you to create custom document templates suited for your business needs like sales invoices, offer letters, summary reports, and so on. You get the option to design your templates from scratch or make use of ready templates.

DronaHQ offers a very powerful in-browser WYSIWYG editor which can be used to design/edit the templates using ready components like containers, columns, heading types to name a few. You can add multiple pages, change their orientation from portrait to landscape and vice versa, set custom page margins, and also choose from over 18 unique page sizes to work on. You can make pdf content dynamic by supplying values from APIs, Databases or DronaHQ controls using text and image variables.

If the pdf holds some sensitive business information or confidential data, it can be password-protected and distributed securely.


This feature is available as an addon, which needs to be activated before usage.

PDF creator template listing
PDF Creator template listing