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Add-on billing and usage

DronaHQ PDF Creator tasks are metered on the number of successful pdf's generated. Simply select the plan that aligns with your specific requirements, and you will be billed accordingly on a monthly or annual basis, depending on your preference.

To manage your organization's billing, including plan selection and adjustments, you can access the Billing settings within your DronaHQ account. This centralized location allows you to conveniently view and switch between available plans and add more tasks, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

At DronaHQ, we understand the importance of providing transparent and tailored billing options to our valued users. By offering scalable plans and intuitive billing management, we aim to support your organization's growth and enable a seamless user experience.

In the DronaHQ's PDF Creator menu, you can see the usage of tasks and the next task reset date, which happens on a monthly basis.

Billing info

Any upgrade of tasks, depending on the billing cycle (monthly/annual) will be charged on a pro-rata basis. Every Add-on will have its own different billing cycle and invoicing.

PDF creator billing
PDF creator billing
PDF creator usage
PDF Creator usage