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Self Hosted DronaHQ solution ensures that, all access to your data is managed within your own cloud environment. It also provides the flexibility to control how DronaHQ is setup within your infrastructure, the ability to configure logging, scaling, and access to enable custom SAML SSO using providers like Okta and Active Directory.

Learn about deploying DronaHQ on your own infrastructure.

Deploying Self-hosted DronaHQ on your own infrastructure lets you build applications with data in your virtual private cloud (VPC) or behind your virtual private network (VPN). Companies having stringent data compliance policies often deploy self-hosted DronaHQ to remain compliant.

You can deploy DronaHQ locally as well as on several cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure and also on Kubernetes (K8s) cluster. See the deployment options overview for a full list of options and installation instructions.


If you’re evaluating a large production use case or need any of our Enterprise plan features, please schedule a demo.