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Minimum requirements

Learn about DronaHQ Self-hosted requirements then follow a deployment guide to get started.

Machine specifications

  • Linux based os or Virtual machine / MacOS
  • 2 vCPUs
  • 8 GiB Memory
  • 60 GiB Storage
  • Active internet connection for downloading resources.

Software requirements

  • curl, wget, git, unzip
  • Docker Engine 20.10.0
  • Docker Compose 1.29.0
  • Any text editor of your choice

Networking requirements

  • Port 22(ssh) To allow you to SSH into your instance and configure it.
  • Port 80/443 For connecting to the server from the browser. (HTTP/HTTPS).
  • Port 8080 (optional) for connecting to node service directly without web server.
  • Enable outbound traffic to DronaHQ Licensing server( or IP

Storage database

By default, all deployments include a containerized instance of MYSQL and MONGODB along with DronaHQ and NGINX (web server). But, it is possible and highly recommended to externalize the database, to support a stateless deployment. Externalizing databases helps you make your installation more maintainable, scalable and reliable.

The minimum recommended version for the MYSQL database is version 8.0 and for MongoDB it is version 5.0.

Learn how to make your external databases DronaHQ ready.