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You can now use DronaHQ's managed file storage build on top of Amazon web services's simple secure storage (AWS S3). DronaHQ File Storage comes with build in File explorer for storing and managing your files in simple and friendly way. You can also interact with File storage using dedicate connector which allows you to upload file(s), get list of uploaded objects, get signed url of files, also get contents of file.

Getting started

On Cloud, DronaHQ File storage is available for all users and can be located within the DronaHQ Managed section by navigating to the Connector's tab. You can view and manage your data within the storage using the File explorer and dedicated connector.

You can use this feature for free by activating trial license which offers 1 GB of file storage.

File Storage Dashboard Layout

The DronaHQ File Storage dashboard is a streamlined command center for keeping your data organized and accessible.

File Storage Dashboard
File Storage Dashboard
File ListSee all files and folders with details. Manage individual files with actions menu.
Search BarSearch for files by name using the search bar.
Upload OptionsCreate new folders, upload individual files, and upload entire folders.
FiltersRefine the file list based on type (FOLDER, IMAGE, PDF, CSV, XLS, PPT, DOC, ZIP, VIDEO, AUDIO, TEXT, RTF, FONT, CODE, DATA).
Actions ButtonPerform context-sensitive actions on selected files (e.g., generate shareable URL).
Layout ButtonSwitch between list view, and large icons view.