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Releasing in Beta


DronaHQ provides a powerful feature that allows you to release your app in beta, granting access exclusively to selected users. This enables you to gather valuable feedback, test new features, and ensure a seamless user experience before the app's full release. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of leveraging DronaHQ's Beta Users settings to restrict app access to a designated user group.

Accessing Beta User Settings

  • Log in to your DronaHQ account and navigate to the DronaHQ apps page.
  • Locate and select the desired app from the list of available apps.
  • Once inside the app, locate the top menu bar and click on "Settings."

Configuring Beta Users

  • Within the Settings menu, locate and click on "All Settings."
  • Look for the "Beta users" option and select it to access the Beta User settings.
  • Here, you will find a list of users associated with your app. By default, all users will have access to the app.
  • To restrict access to specific users, simply uncheck the box next to their names. Only users with the checkbox checked will have access to the app in its beta stage.
Beta users
Configure Beta users

Saving and Applying Changes

After selecting the desired beta users, click on the "Save" or "Apply" button to save your changes. DronaHQ will update the app settings and restrict access accordingly. The selected beta users will be the only ones able to access the app during the beta phase.

Communicating with Beta Users

Once the beta users have been set, it's essential to inform them about their exclusive access to the app. Consider sending a personalized email or notification to the selected users, providing them with instructions on how to access and provide feedback on the beta version. Encourage beta users to explore the app thoroughly, test its functionalities, and report any issues or suggestions.

Publish a new version of the app in Beta

You can now publish the app with the Release in Beta toggle ON. This will give your beta users an access to view the beta version of the app as well as the production version of the app in the DronaHq end-user portal.

Publish in beta
Publish the app in beta
Please Note

This feature will not work in conjunction with the public apps or embedded apps. This is an exclusive feature for closed user groups who are accessing the apps on the DronaHQ end-user portal.


By following the steps outlined above, you can leverage DronaHQ's Beta Users settings to release your app in a controlled beta environment, accessible only to the selected users. This approach empowers you to gather crucial feedback, iterate on your app, and deliver a polished and optimized user experience upon its full release. Take advantage of this powerful feature to ensure a successful app launch and drive user satisfaction.