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Docs Page Structure

Meta information

The following meta information should be added at the beginning of each docs page: description and keywords.

An example:

description: Data validations in Hasura
- hasura
- docs
- schema
- data validation

React component imports

Please add any React component imports right below the frontmatter and before starting the main doc content.

import Thumbnail from '@site/src/components/Thumbnail';

Note: When importing components from src/ directory, please do not use relative paths. Docusaurus provides a global variable @site which is resolved to the root of the app - absolute import. So, doing @site/src/components/Thumbnail is the same as ../../../src/components/Thumbnail.

Page title

Add the main title for each docs page.

An example:

# Data validations

You can also add title frontmatter.

title: Data validations

By default the title will be the label for sidebar item. So, to use a shorten/different label for sidebar use the sidebar_label frontmatter to override.

Table of contents

This is auto generated on the right sidebar. And the depth can be controlled via toc_max_heading_level, toc_min_heading_level frontmatter.

Please refer to the Table of Contents section to understand more about hwo to render this manually in between content and filtering items etc.,

Markdown Variables

Add the markdown variables at very end of file for easier reference and maintainability. These variables are mostly for links. To avoid repetition of adding full path for each link, we could take advantage of reference-style-links syntax in markdown.

For Example:

## Section one


REST ... [create_action][metadata-create-action] or [update_action][metadata-update-action] Metadata APIs ...
[request_transform][requesttransformation] field ...:


## Section two


REST ... [create_action][metadata-create-action] or [update_action][metadata-update-action] Metadata APIs ...
[request_transform][requesttransformation] field ...:


<!-- Shared Link Variables -->

[metadata-create-action]: /api-reference/metadata-api/actions.mdx#metadata-create-action
[metadata-update-action]: /api-reference/metadata-api/actions.mdx#metadata-update-action
[requesttransformation]: /api-reference/syntax-defs.mdx#requesttransformation

Run docs build

Run the docs build in the end again with yarn build and make sure there are no errors/warnings because of any inconsistencies.