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Should be a straightforward syntax replacement:

import Tabs from '@theme/Tabs';
import TabItem from '@theme/TabItem';

<Tabs className="api-tabs">
<TabItem value="console" label="Console">
Click the `Reload` button in the `Remote Schema` section on the Hasura Console.
<TabItem value="api" label="API">
Make a request to the [reload_remote_schema](#) API.

Which should render like below:

Click the Reload button in the Remote Schema section on the Hasura Console.

Adding Markdown as React Component Children

For Docusaurus to parse markdown correctly when added as children of react components (provided by docusaurus). There should be an empty line before and after the content itself. AT instances parser still fails due to indentation.

So, always start the markdown content at beginning of line and always leave an empty line before and after. Do not worry about the indentation for Components - the extra lines would make it good enough for readability.


Please read more about Tabs usage and syntax in docusaurus Tabs docs.