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Keywords are predefined variables in a DronaHQ that users can use in their applications. They provide important information about the logged-in user or the application's state, which is vital for building logical workflows. In the DronaHQ, there are three different sets of keywords available, each serving different purposes and located in various locations within the DronaHQ.

App builder keywords

In app development, keywords play a crucial role as they are used during the app-building process and are also visible in the app's preview and final published version. Generally, two types of keywords are utilized: Dynamically generated and Predefined or Static.

Dynamically generated keywords, such as Routing Keywords and Querystring Keywords, are generated dynamically based on configuration, allowing for more flexibility and customization.

On the other hand, Predefined or static keywords are pre-initialized during the app initialization process. These keywords values may change if modified using actions or on some system events.

Following are list of all the static keywords:

USER EMAILStores the logged-in user's email address.
USERNAMEStores the logged-in user's name.
USERFIRSTNAMEStores the name of the logged-in user.
TRUEStatic keyword for boolean true.
FALSEStatic keyword for boolean false.
NULLStatic keyword for js null value.
DATAENVStores the current data environment of the application and can be modified using the actions.
DATAENVLISTStores the list of available data environments in the application.
WORKFLOWENVStores the current workflow environment of the application.
DEVICESIZEIts value can be either Desktop or Mobile or Mobile portrait or Mobile landscape depending on the device and its orientation
DEVICETYPEIts value can be android, ios and web depending upon the type of device the user is using.
MODETells you if the device is either online or offline depending upon internet connectivity.
WIDTHReturns you the width of the viewport and is updated every time the viewport is resized.
APPENVStores the App environment and cannot be modified.
APPNAMEStores the App name and cannot be modified.
LANGUAGEStores the current app language, used in localization and can be modified using actions.
VERSIONStores the current version of the application.
ACTIVESCREENReturns the current active screen id.
OVERLAYSCREENReturns the current active overlay screens id like Menu / Popup / Tray
USERGROUPReturns all the group name the logged-in user belongs to.
PROFILEIMAGEReturns Profile image URL of the logged-in user

Automation Keywords

Automation keywords provide essential functionalities for DronaHQ's automation builder, enabling users to interact with incoming data, access automation-related details, and efficiently manage tasks within their automated workflows.

AUTOMATION.versionRetrieves the version of the running automation.
AUTOMATION.triggerTimeRetrieves the start time of the trigger for the automation.
AUTOMATION.logsAccesses the Run Logs within a task, storing preview task logs. Helps with debugging.
webhook.bodyAccesses the body of the webhook request. Useful for extracting data from incoming requests.
webhook.queryAccesses the query parameters of the webhook request. Helps in processing URL parameters.
webhook.headersAccesses the headers of the webhook request. Useful for authentication and request details.
SELFRefers to the current task. In the Logging section, use SELF.output_variable_name to access the task's output. Useful for data chaining between tasks.

BPM Flow keywords