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JS Code

The Automation Block known as JS Code empowers you with the flexibility and power of custom JavaScript code within your automation BPM Flows. With this block, you can execute dynamic and complex logic, manipulate data, and interact with external services, opening up endless possibilities for automation.

JS Code

Unleash JavaScript Power

Imagine scenarios where standard automation blocks fall short in handling your specific requirements. The JS Code automation block is your solution. It allows you to write and execute custom JavaScript code snippets tailored to your needs.

JS Code
JS Code

Configure Task Ouputs by adding outputs for JS code, it's a resource you can use in other tasks or blocks to make decisions or perform actions based on that data.

Flexibility and Control

With the JS Code block, you have full control over the logic and data manipulation. Write code to process, transform, or validate data, and make decisions based on complex conditions. Interact with external APIs, databases, or services seamlessly.

Integration and Extensibility

Integrate your automation BPM Flows with external systems or services that may not have dedicated automation blocks. The JS Code automation block acts as a bridge, enabling data exchange and interaction beyond the boundaries of standard automation.

JS Code
JS Code usage

Secure Execution

The JS Code block ensures secure execution of custom code within your automation BPM Flows. It provides a controlled environment, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data or system resources.

In essence, the "JS Code" automation block offers unparalleled flexibility and control, enabling you to tailor your automation BPM Flows to meet your unique business needs with the power of JavaScript.