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The Move Automation Block is a flexible tool in your automation BPM Flows, designed to enhance the organization and arrangement of automation blocks within your workflows. It enables you to insert or move automation blocks to specific points in your workflow, optimizing the sequence of operations.


Streamlined Workflow Organization

With the Move block, you can easily reorganize your automation blocks to achieve a logical and efficient workflow structure. This feature is especially useful when you want to adjust the sequence of operations or insert new blocks into existing workflows.

Inserting or Moving Blocks

To insert or move an automation block:

  1. Click on the Move icon within the block you want to relocate.
  2. A list of all automation blocks used within the workflow will appear on the side.
  3. Select the specific point within the workflow where you want to insert or move the block.

The selected block will be inserted or moved to the chosen location within your workflow, helping you customize your automation sequence.


The Iterate Block and Branch Block cannot be moved using the Move block due to its specialized functionality.

Enhanced Efficiency

By using the Move block, you can significantly enhance the efficiency of your workflow design process. It simplifies the task of reorganizing automation blocks, allowing you to adjust the order of operations or insert new blocks seamlessly. This modular approach to workflow design promotes efficient workflow customization and optimization.

Moving an Automation Block