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JS transformation

JavaScript Transformations enable users to manipulate and modify the data returned from an API call, adjusting it to a specific format that is not only accepted by DronaHQ, but also more convenient to work with. These transformations are essentially processing scripts, written in JavaScript, that are executed after the data is retrieved from the API but before it is presented to the user or another system. This allows for dynamic and flexible data processing in real-time, enhancing the versatility and utility of the data retrieved from APIs.

The JS Transformation feature is specifically located within the Data Queries Connector Library and Connector Query's Transform section. This means users can leverage this feature to modify data while making API calls via different connectors or when processing data retrieved from different queries.

In summary, the JS Transformation feature provides a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly way to manipulate API data to suit user-specific needs, directly within the DronaHQ platform. you can read more about it here.