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Custom JS

Custom JavaScript (JS) is a powerful feature available in the Data Queries section that empowers users to manipulate data or generate completely new sets of data using the JavaScript programming language. This functionality provides a high degree of flexibility and control, which is essential for tasks that require complex data processing or tailored output.

  • Data Interaction and Manipulation: Custom JS can interact with data from a variety of sources. The data used for manipulation can be derived from other data queries, controls, or specific keywords. This is particularly beneficial when you need to amalgamate data from different sources to generate a new set of information. For instance, you could use custom JS to extract certain fields from a data query, combine them with information obtained from user controls, and generate a uniquely processed output. Alternatively, you could utilize this functionality to edit or transform existing data according to your needs.

  • Data Generation: Moreover, with the custom JS feature, it's not just about transforming existing data, but you can also create entirely new data sets. This could be in response to specific inputs or conditions, or based on sophisticated algorithms that generate dynamic content.

The application of JS Transformation could range from simple data manipulation tasks like changing data types or adjusting data structures, to more complex tasks like integrating data from multiple sources or generating new data elements based on the existing ones. This makes it an extremely valuable tool for creating customizable and adaptable workflows in DronaHQ. You can read more about it here.