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Building native mobile apps

DronaHQ offers a powerful and efficient way to create feature-rich, platform-specific applications for both Android and iOS devices. DronaHQ provides a low-code development platform that empowers creators with the tools and resources to build native mobile apps without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Key Features and Benefits:

Cross-Platform Support

DronaHQ allows creators to build native mobile apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. This cross-platform capability ensures wider reach and accessibility for users across different devices.

Mobile Resolution Support

DronaHQ's intuitive drag-and-drop Mobile interface makes it easy for creators to design the app's user interface (UI) with pre-built widgets and components specific to Mobile Screen resolutions. This simplifies the app creation process, reducing development time and effort. For more info, refer this.

Mobile App Settings

DronaHQ provides various App configurations which are only applicable to DronaHQ End user portal - Android and iOS Mobile App. For more info, refer this.

Native Device Features

With DronaHQ, creators can seamlessly integrate native device features such as camera, GPS, barcode scanner, and more into their apps. This enables the creation of interactive and engaging mobile experiences. Refer Native Controls and Native Actionblocks for more info on native device features.

Offline Functionality

DronaHQ supports offline functionality, allowing users to access and use the app even when they are offline. Offline data synchronization ensures that data changes made offline are synced with the server when the device reconnects to the internet. For more info, refer this.

DronaHQ / White-labelled End-User Mobile App

You can have your own white-labelled apps on DronaHQ that can be published on your Android Play Store or iOS AppStore account. For more info, refer this. By default, you can access you published apps on DronaHQ App on Android Playstore or iOS Appstore.

Push Notifications

DronaHQ offers a powerful way to engage users and deliver real-time updates, alerts, and personalized messages directly to their mobile devices with the help of Push notifications. For more info, refer this.

Security and Compliance

DronaHQ prioritizes data security and compliance with industry standards, ensuring that mobile apps built on the platform adhere to necessary security protocols and data privacy regulations. Data stored in Mobile apps are encrypted at rest.

Use Cases

  1. Enterprise Mobility: DronaHQ enables businesses to build custom native apps for their employees, facilitating better productivity and seamless access to corporate resources.

  2. Customer-Facing Apps: Native mobile apps built on DronaHQ are ideal for customer-facing applications, such as e-commerce, delivery tracking, and customer support apps, offering a tailored user experience.

  3. Field Service Management: Native apps created with DronaHQ can support field service management needs, allowing field workers to access critical data, update information, and manage tasks in real-time.

  4. Event and Conference Apps: DronaHQ can be used to develop native apps for events and conferences, providing attendees with schedules, session details, and networking opportunities.


Building native mobile apps on DronaHQ brings the power of low-code development to create high-quality, platform-specific applications for Android and iOS devices. The platform's user-friendly interface, offline functionality, and integration with native device features make it a versatile choice for developing various mobile applications. From enterprise mobility to customer-facing apps and field service management, DronaHQ empowers creators to deliver engaging and user-friendly native mobile experiences. With a focus on security, responsiveness, and cross-platform compatibility, DronaHQ provides an efficient solution for businesses and organizations looking to build native mobile apps tailored to their specific requirements.