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App export

The App Export feature allows you to export the entire app in JSON format, which can be useful when migrating app from one account to another, or in case you wish to duplicate the app in the same account.


The prerequisite for exporting for an app, is that it should be published. Whenever you make any changes to the app, you need to publish it as any unpublished changes will not be exported with the app.

To export an app, navigate to Config -> App Export and click on Export app json.

App Export Config Options Modal
App export config screen

If the application is not published, you may see a prompt like this, which will ask you to publish your app before exporting.

App Export Not Published Modal
App export draft mode popup

In case your application is published, a sidebar will open which will list all the Connectors, Sheets, PDFs, Custom Controls and Widgets used within the application. Click on Export app json to save the app's json file on to your machine.

App summary before exporting
App summary before exporting