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Call Action

The Call action in DronaHQ empowers your app to initiate phone calls directly. This feature is particularly useful when you need to enable users to call a configured phone number, which can either be a default number or dynamically fetched from an input control or sheet column.


Setting up the Call Action

  1. Phone Number (Mandatory Field): Start by specifying the phone number in a valid format that you want to call. You can enter a single number, multiple numbers separated by commas, or even fetch the number dynamically using keywords or variables.

    Example: 123-456-7890 or 123-456-7890, 987-654-3210

  2. Execution Conditions: Define the conditions under which this action should execute. This allows you to control when the call action is triggered.

  3. Environment: Specify the environment in which the call action should take place, ensuring compatibility with your app's workflow.

  4. Action Unique Name: Assign a unique name to this action. This helps in identifying and managing tasks within your app's action flow effectively.

By incorporating the Call action in your app, you can seamlessly integrate phone call functionality, enhancing user engagement and experience.

Integrate the Call action into your app today, enabling users to make phone calls effortlessly.