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Get Data from Sheets

Setting up the Get Data from Sheets Action

The Get Data from Sheets action allows you to retrieve data from spreadsheets or sheets within your application. This can be particularly useful when you need to access structured data from sheets for various purposes within your app.

Get Data from Sheets
Get Data from Sheets

Here's how to use the Get Data from Sheets action:

  1. Access the Logic Block: Navigate to the Server-side actions > Logic block.

  2. Select Get Data from Sheets: Click on the Get Data from Sheets action and then click Continue to configure it.

  3. Add Formula Variables: In the configuration, you can add variables under the Add Formula Variables section. Enter a variable name and provide the formula for fetching the desired data. You have the flexibility to use functions like AND, OR, LOOKUP, DLOOKUP, and others to precisely retrieve your data.

  4. Define Variables: Add variables as needed to fetch specific data. These variables will become accessible in other action flow tasks, such as on-screen actions, using the syntax taskname.variable.


In this example, we're fetching data from a sheet using the LOOKUP function and then utilizing it in another action task by referencing the variable name.

Using Get Data from Sheets enables you to integrate spreadsheet data seamlessly into your application's logic, opening up various possibilities for data-driven functionality.