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Filter Object

Filtering Data Objects in Your Action Flow

The Filter Object on-screen action in DronaHQ allows you to apply conditions to filter data from a data source provided that it should be in the form of an array of objects. This powerful feature enables you to select and display specific data based on your defined criteria.

Filter Object Window
Filter Object Window

Applying Filters

Here's how to use the Filter Object action:

  1. Select the appropriate data source using a keyword that represents the array of objects you want to filter.

  2. Provide a filter condition on that data source. This condition will determine which objects are included in the filtered result.

Practical Application

In the example above, we have a data source represented by an array of objects. By applying a filter condition, we can refine this data based on specific criteria. In this case, only the objects with an active_user value of 1 have been filtered.

Filter Object Window

Versatile Filtering

The Filter Object action allows you to create more dynamic and responsive apps. You can filter data from various sources, including user input, external data feeds, or data stored in your app. By defining filter conditions, you can present users with tailored information that matches their preferences or requirements.