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Introducing Delay in Your Action Flow

The Delay action in DronaHQ lets you introduce a time gap of a few milliseconds between two actions. This can be useful in various scenarios, such as creating pauses between actions to ensure a smoother user experience or managing specific timing requirements in your app's workflow.


Adding a Delay

To incorporate a delay action into your action flow, follow these steps:

  1. Under the Logic Block section, select Delay and click Continue.

  2. Configure the Action Fields by specifying the Duration in Milliseconds for the delay and click Next.

  3. Provide a meaningful and descriptive Action Unique Name to identify this delay action in your flow.

  4. Click Finish to complete the setup.


Practical Use Cases

Now, when you add another action after the delay, there will be a short pause before the subsequent action executes. This allows you to fine-tune the timing of your app's actions and interactions.

Precision Timing

The Delay action provides precision timing control, ensuring that your app functions smoothly and responsively. It's a versatile tool for enhancing user experiences and managing the flow of your application's actions.

Whether you're creating a seamless animation sequence or carefully orchestrating a series of user prompts, the Delay action gives you the flexibility you need.