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Microapp Nav

The Microapp Nav action is a powerful feature that allows you to create seamless navigation paths between micro-apps within your ecosystem. This enhances user experience and facilitates smooth transitions between different micro-apps, all within your DronaHQ environment.

Microapp Nav
Microapp Nav

Setting up the Microapp Nav Action

To set up the Microapp Nav action, follow these steps:

  1. Under the Navigate block in your action flow, select Microapp Nav.

  2. Click Continue to proceed with configuring the Microapp Nav action.

  3. Select App: Choose the target micro-app that you want to navigate to from the current micro-app. This selection defines the destination of the navigation.

  4. Dynamic Fields - Querystring Key and Querystring Value: Here's where the real power of the Microapp Nav action comes into play. You can dynamically pass key-value pairs as query parameters to the target micro-app. For instance, you can send user-specific data or context information.


Make sure this Querystring key is created in the target microapp.

  1. You can specify conditions under which the action should be executed, as well as the specific environment in which it should take place.

  2. It's essential to assign a unique name to the action using the Action Unique Name field. This helps you identify and manage tasks within your action flow.

  3. Click Finish to complete the setup.

With the ability to pass dynamic query parameters, the Microapp Nav action opens up a world of possibilities for creating interactive and context-aware user experiences across your micro-apps.

Microapp Nav

Whether you're guiding users through a sequence of tasks, providing context-aware content, or ensuring a consistent user journey, the Microapp Nav action empowers you to create rich, interconnected experiences within your DronaHQ ecosystem.