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SurrealDB is a cutting-edge distributed NoSQL database system designed for optimal scalability, high availability, and fault tolerance in handling diverse data workloads.

Configuring SurrealDB Connector


  1. Authentication Credentials: Gather required credentials for seamless connection to your SurrealDB instance.

  2. Connection Details:

    • Hostname of the SurrealDB database.
    • Port number for database access.
    • Database name within the SurrealDB host.
  3. Firewall Rules: Set up necessary firewall configurations to allow DronaHQ (IP whitelist) access to your SurrealDB host.

Ensure these prerequisites are met to enable a smooth integration of SurrealDB with DronaHQ, ensuring efficient data management.

Connector Setup in DronaHQ

Configure your SurrealDB database category using the provided connection details. Validate connection with Test connection and Save settings for secure database setup.


HostEnter the Host Domain or IP
PortEnter the Port number
Database NameEnter the Database name
NamespaceEnter the Namespace for full data access for all databases under a specific namespace.
UsernameEnter the Username
PasswordEnter the Password
SurrealDB with Sample details.
SurrealDB with Sample details.

Advanced Settings

Advanced OptionDescription
Whitelisting DronaHQ IPRestrict database access to specific whitelisted IP addresses for enhanced security.

Managing Database Queries

Once the SurrealDB connector is configured, access it in your Connector Library. Add queries, execute them, and view responses.

Write Queries
Write Queries

Use dynamic variables enclosed in double curly brackets. Test with sample values before saving. Link dynamic variables to controls/actions for runtime use.

Saved queries will be listed under your connector in the Connector Library.

Supported Query Operations

Raw SQL QueryPerform various operations like select, insert, delete, update, and join operations.
Stored Procedure CallExecute stored procedures, e.g., CALL getCustomerDetails;

Utilizing SurrealDB Connector

Data Binding via Data Query

Reading/Displaying Data Query for SurrealDB:

Craft an SQL query to extract data from your SurrealDB database. For example, retrieve all records from a Customers table:

Query used:

SELECT * FROM Customers;

Query explanation:

This SQL query retrieves all rows and columns from the Customers table within the SurrealDB database.

Integrate the fetched data into your application's interface for enhanced functionality and user experience.