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CouchDB is an open-source document-oriented NoSQL database that uses multiple formats and protocols to store, transfer, and process its data


  1. Authentication Requirements: Before establishing a connection with your CouchDB instance, ensure you have the required authentication credentials, including:

    • CouchDB database username.
    • Corresponding password for authentication.
  2. Connection Details:

    • Obtain the hostname or IP address of your CouchDB server.
    • Identify the port number used by CouchDB for communication.
  3. Firewall and Network Configuration:

    • Configure your firewall to allow communication between your application and the CouchDB server.

Having these essential prerequisites in place will ensure a smooth integration of CouchDB with your applications, enabling efficient data management and utilization.

Configuring Connector in DronaHQ

Configure your database category using the provided details. Validate connection with Test connection and Save settings for secure database setup.


DronaHQ can Auto fill crucial connection values like host, name, password, and more from the connector's connection string.


HostEnter the Host Domain or IP
PortEnter the Port number
UsernameEnter the Username
PasswordEnter the Password
DynamoDB with Sample details.


Advanced OptionDescription
Connection OptionsThe key and value connection options in database configuration refer to specific settings (keys) and their corresponding values that dictate how the application connects to the database
Whitelist IP Enhance security by restricting database access to specific whitelisted IP addresses.