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Trello is a versatile project management tool that uses boards, lists, and cards to help teams organize tasks and projects visually.


  1. API Key and Token: To connect with the Trello API, you'll need an API key and a user token. These credentials are obtained by generating a developer API key from the Trello developer website. Make sure to keep your API key and token secure.

  2. Access to Trello App: If you plan to use a custom Trello app for integration, ensure you have created the app within your Trello account. This step is required for some advanced features and integrations.

  3. Permissions: Make sure you have the necessary permissions to interact with the chosen board and list within Trello. This includes the ability to create, edit, and manage cards.

Configuring API Connector in DronaHQ

Add a Account name. Then add the API key and API Token for the connector account. Once all details are added, click Save. Your connector configuration is now done.

Trello to be enter Sample details.

After successfully configuring and saving the connector settings, you can easily access your newly connected account by navigating to the connected accounts list. You can find this option from the Connector -> Manage Account section. This centralized location allows you to conveniently monitor and manage your connected accounts.

Supported API endpoints

GetMyBoardsRetrieve a list of boards associated with your account.
GetBoardListsRetrieve the lists within a specific board.
AddCardAdd a new card to a specified list on a board.
GetCardsInListRetrieve the cards within a specific list on a board.
GetAllOpenCardsInBoardRetrieve all open cards within a specific board.