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Alert Control

The Alert Control provides a mechanism to display important messages or notifications to users. It allows for customization of the alert type, title, description, action text, and more, enabling versatile use cases for various notifications.

Alert Control
Alert Control

Binding Data Options

The Alert Control facilitates the display of dynamic content using the Bind Data option. It accepts several data inputs.

Static Data Option

  • Title: Represents the title of the alert.
  • Description: Specifies the detailed description or message to be conveyed.
  • Action Text: Defines the text label for the action button.
  • Alert Type: Indicates the type of alert (e.g., Info, Note, Alert).
"Title": "This is a Sample Alert",
"Description": "This is the sample alert text.",
"Action Text": "Action",
"Alert Type": "Info"


Alert TypeSpecifies the type of alert (Info, Note, Alert).
TitleSets the title of the alert.
NoteRepresents additional notes or descriptive text.
DescriptionDefines the detailed description or message content.
Action TextSpecifies the text label for the action button.

Control Outputs

The outputs from the Alert Control, represented by the placeholder {{alert}}, can be utilized in other controls, data queries, or JavaScript functions using the control's unique name.

alertRepresents the data of the selected alert in the control.


Action_ClickOccurs when the action button in the alert control is clicked, typically triggering an action.