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Profile Group

The Profile Group control is a Display control used to showcase user profiles grouped together.

Profile Group Preview
Profile Group Preview

Binding Data Options

The Profile Group Control utilizes an array of URL strings to represent user profile images.

" 1_1AqQT.png",
" -1_8uTVr.png",
" -2_I6L5o.png",
" -3_6YXeI.png"


Overlay bySpecifies the overlay distance between pictures in units like pixels, em, vh, or %.
AlignmentSets the alignment of pictures - left, right, or center.
Background colorSets the color of the last image in a group.
Text colorSets the text color in the last image in a group.
BorderAdjusts the border size of each user, Sets the border color of the user, Sets the border color of the user image. image.
Maximum elementsDefines the maximum number of visible images in the profile group.
Image columnSpecifies the initially displayed property in the profile group control - Image or Name.
Fallback columnSelects the fallback property used when the default selection fails to render.


Image_clickedTriggers upon clicking a profile image.