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The Name control is designed to accept names in a composite manner, enabling the user to input the complete name in a single field. It facilitates the entry of both first and last names simultaneously.

Name Control
Name Control

Binding Data Options

The Name control accepts data in the string format for both the first name and last name, allowing the user to input and store the complete name in a single field

Static Data Option

Utilizing the Bind Data option to display static options in the Name control involves specifying of strings.

Suppose you are designing an application where users want to input first and last name.:




ThemeAllows selection of the text box's color, either using a hex code or choosing from available themes.
PlaceholderProvides a prompt for users, guiding what needs to be entered in the Name field.
Max Text LengthLimits the maximum character count for the Name Control.
Hide Last NameHides the last name component, allowing only the first name to be entered.

Control Outputs

The output from the Name control, represented by the placeholder {{name}}, captures the complete name as entered by the user.

nameRepresents the complete name input.


value_changeOccurs when there is a modification in the value of the respective control.
enter_pressActivates upon pressing the Enter key while interacting with the Name control.
focus_outTriggers when the control loses focus, typically when the user clicks outside the control.