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The Panel control groups multiple controls for easy management, enabling unified conditions or validations. It optimizes control layout based on user device screens for enhanced adaptability.



Background ColorSet the background color of the panel. Choose a hex code or use predefined themes.
Box ShadowAdd or remove a shadow to the panel box. Toggle to enable or disable the box shadow.
Max-WDefine the maximum width of the panel.
Min-WSpecify the minimum width of the panel.
AlignmentAlign controls within the panel. Options include start, end, center, space between, or baseline alignment.


BorderChoose the type of border: All borders, Top, right, bottom, or left borders.
WidthSet the border width in pixels or another selected unit.
StyleDefine the border style: solid, dashed, dotted, or None (if no border is desired).
ColorSpecify the color for the borders.
RadiusAdjust the radius of the border edges, as demonstrated in the illustration below.