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Grid Menu

The Grid Menu control is a navigation tool with a grid-based layout, allowing users to navigate between different screens within the microapp through an icon-based grid system.

Grid Menu
Grid Menu


Grid Menu Properties

ColumnsSets the number of columns to display in the Grid Menu.
HeightDefines the height of each item within the Grid Menu.
Label PropertyCustomizes label properties, including text size, weight, and color.
Icon PropertyCustomizes icon properties, such as size, weight, and color.
Border PropertyConfigures the width and color of the border around menu items.
Image AlignmentSpecifies the alignment for the image used in the Menu item.
Grid ViewReduces margins between menu items when activated.
Reset Target ScreenResets the screen to default upon navigation.

Grid Data

LabelSets the name of the Menu Item.
Image URLUtilizes an image as the Menu item by entering the image's URL.
ActionSpecifies navigation, either with or without validation.
Navigate ToSelects the destination screen upon selecting the Menu Item.
Menu IconChooses the icon to display for the menu item.
TransitionDefines the direction of the new screen's transition into the user view.
Reset Target ScreenResets the screen to its default state upon navigation.