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Horizontal Steps

The Horizontal Steps control is an advanced display element utilized for incorporating horizontal, multi-step navigation within forms, serving as a visual representation of the form's progress. It enables navigation between pages and indicates the progression of steps, including the option to move back to a previous step.

Horizontal Steps
Horizontal Steps

Ideal for various form types such as registrations for online shopping, hotel reservations, travel bookings, and more, the Horizontal Steps control offers an intuitive way to navigate through stages and monitor progress on the form.


Line ColorColor of the connecting line between the steps
Block ColorDefault color for each step block
Title TextFont size of the title text
Block TextFont size of text within the blocks
Selected PropertiesProperties for selected blocks
Selected Block ColorColor of each action block when selected
Block Text ColorFont color of text within the selected blocks
Title Text ColorFont color of the title text within the selected blocks

Use Cases

Horizontal Steps control can be applied in various scenarios to indicate progress and navigate through a sequence of steps, offering a user-friendly interface.

Feel free to tailor the examples and content to best fit your specific use case or requirements.