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The Pagination control is a display control used to provide the information regarding pagination.


Binding Data Options

Pagination control accepts numeric values to display data. There are different ways in which you can bind data to the Pagination control.

Static Data Option

To display static options in the Pagination control, you can use the Bind Data option. The Bind Data option must be specified numeric values for Number_of_Pages and Selected_Page.

  • Number of pages:- this section is responsible to set the total number of pages.

  • Selected pages:- this section is responsible to set the current value of the selected page.


BackgroundSets the background color of the selected page.
TextSets the text color of the selected page number.

Control Outputs

The Pagination control outputs, represented by the placeholders {{pagination.Selected_Page}} and {{pagination.Number_of_Pages}}, can be utilized in various ways within the application.

pagination.Selected_PageRepresents the currently selected page number from the Pagination control.
pagination.Number_of_PagesRepresents the total number of pages available in the Pagination control.

These outputs can be referenced and integrated into other controls, data queries, or JavaScript functions, allowing developers to manage and display pagination information effectively throughout the application.


value_selectOccurs when there is a change in the value of the respective control, usually initiated by selecting a different option or inputting a new value.