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Image Menu Grid

The Image Menu Grid control is a Navigation control that provides a graphical interface for the navigation menu in your app.

Image Menu Grid
Image Menu Grid

It is typically useful when you want to provide navigation between pages/screens by using a visually appealing interface.


Border ColorDetermines the border color for all images in the menu grid.
Background ColorSets the background color for the entire menu grid.
Image Background ColorConfigures the background color for the images, either solid or gradient.
Image HeightSpecifies the height of the images in pixels.
Border RadiusDefines the border radius, giving a curve to the border.
Image FitControls how the image fits within its container in the menu grid. Options: Fill, Cover, Contain, None.
Text StyleCustomizes the style of text associated with each image. Includes size, weight, alignment, and color.

Layout on Device

Determines the number of columns for various devices to optimize the layout.

Conditional Data

TextDescribes the text displayed below each image in the container.
Select ImageAllows selection of an image from a source location.
ActionSpecifies the navigation action, with or without validation.
Navigate toDetermines the page/screen to navigate to upon selecting the image.
TransitionSpecifies the transition style for navigation, such as Slide to Left or Slide to Right.
SelectedDetermines whether the image is initially shown as selected when the form runs.
Reset Target ScreenSpecifies if the Target Screen should reset upon navigation.