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The Questionnaire control allows users to respond to a set of questions, typically in a tabular format. It includes properties for Input Theme, Input Background, Border Color, Selection, Rows, Columns, Row Style, Column Style, and Table Label.

Questionnaire Control
Questionnaire Control

For example, you can add a feedback form to understand from the user the ease of using the online payment feature of the eCommerce site. Or you may want user feedback on the dining experience at a particular restaurant. The output of the Questionnaire control is a JSON Object which contains the array of questions and answers.


Input ThemeEnables selecting the color of the input button or radio button for user input.
Input BackgroundDefines the background color of cells containing input buttons.
Border ColorSpecifies the border color for the cells.
SelectionOptions for single or multi-select functionality.
RowsRepresents the questions for which users provide responses in the columns.
ColumnsDefines the answers or responses to the questions created in the rows.
Row StyleCustomizes text properties and background color for the rows.
Column StyleCustomizes text properties and background color for the columns.
Table LabelOffers text customization and background color for the table heading.

Control Outputs

The control outputs, represented by the placeholder {{questionnaire}}, can be referenced in other controls, data queries, or JavaScript functions using the control's unique name.

questionnaireRepresents the user's responses in the Questionnaire.