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The Radio control is designed to allow users to select a single option from a predefined list of choices. It provides a visual interface that enables users to pick from the available set of options.

Radio Control
Radio Control

Binding Data Options

The Radio control allows users to select one option from a list of choices. To populate the Radio control with data, you can use the Bind Data option, which accepts an array of string in JSON format.

Static Data Option

For example, suppose you want to create a Radio control with a list of colors as options. Here's how you can use the Bind Data option with an array of color names:


Selected Options - Data Binding

You can set a default selected option in the Radio control using the Bind Data - Selected Option section with a string value. For example:



Remember to provide the exact string representing the specific selected option based on the Radio control's properties.


ThemeChoose the color of the Radio control from available themes or set a custom hex code.
PlaceholderSet a hint displayed in the Radio control when no default selected option is present.

Control Outputs

The outputs from the Radio control, represented by the placeholder {{radio}}, can be referenced in other controls, data queries, or JavaScript functions using the control's unique name.

radioRepresents the user-selected value from the Radio control.


value_selectOccurs when there is a change in the value of the control, typically triggered by selecting another option or inputting a new value.