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Input Label

An Input Label control consists of a Title and a data field. The text that is stored in the data field can be fetched from other controls or a sheet and can be submitted to a sheet when the submit button is pressed.

Input Label
Input Label

Binding Data Options

The Input Label control is a versatile element that accepts both string and number data types for input. Input Label control offers different ways to seamlessly integrate various types of data.

Static Data Option

To provide static input label content, you can directly input a string or number value. This is particularly useful when you want to display fixed information within the label.

"Product Name"

Dynamic Data Option

For dynamic input label content, you can leverage the Bind Data feature. This allows you to bind the input label to a data source, enabling real-time updates based on the underlying data.

  1. Set up a Data Source: Ensure that you have a data source configured with the required string or number data. For instance, consider a data source containing product names or identification numbers.

  2. Configure the Input Label: Navigate to the Bind Data Options section of the Input Label control. Select the appropriate data source, such as a database query or an API response.


By linking the input label to your data source (e.g., yourDataSource), the content of the label will dynamically reflect the values from your data.


Letter SpacingSpecifies the spacing between letters in the Input Label.
Line HeightSpecifies the height of the Input Label.
TextAllows customization of the Input Label text size, weight, alignment, and color.
AlignmentDetermines the alignment of the Input Label (Left, Center, Right, Justified).