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File Upload

The File Upload control is used to upload files like documents, pictures, audio files, videos, and so on. This control provides the features to limit the quantity and size of the files being uploaded.

File Upload
File Upload


AnnotationEnabled when File Type is Image. Allows annotation of images for highlighting and changes. Available in mobile apps. Edit file option is available.
Multiple FilesToggle ON to allow multiple files to be uploaded.
No. of FilesSpecify the maximum number of files that can be uploaded.
Upload fromChoose File Manager or Camera as the upload source.
UploadSpecify whether files are uploaded on selection or on form submission.
File TypeChoose the type of files that can be uploaded.
Size Per FileSet a limit on the size of uploaded files.
Whitelist File TypeToggle ON to specify specific file types, extensions, and magic numbers.
Valid File TypeList of file type extensions to restrict uploads.
Allowed ExtensionsList of additional extensions allowed in addition to valid file types.
Allowed Magic NumbersSpecify numeric or string constants representing file types.


TextText displayed on the upload button for the control.
ThemeChoose the color of the control using custom hex code or predefined themes.
LayoutSelect the layout of the File Upload control: Filled, Outlines, Dashed Outline.
Close Button colorSet the color of the Close button.
FontCustomize the upload button text: size, weight (Light, Normal, Bold, Extra Bold, X Extra Bold), and color.

Allowed File Types

The "Allowed File Types" property of the File Upload control enables you to define the types of files that users can upload using the Filepicker widget. This property accepts an array of wildcards, MIME types, or specific file extensions, providing you with fine-grained control over the accepted file formats.

You have the following options:

  • Any: This option allows users to upload files of all the mentioned file types.
  • Images: Users can upload image files (e.g., .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif).
  • Videos: Users can upload video files.
  • Audio: Users can upload audio files.
  • MS Office: Users can upload Microsoft Office files (e.g., .docx, .xlsx, .pptx).
  • PDF: Users can upload PDF documents.

When JavaScript (JS) is enabled, you can provide the data as an array of strings to specify the accepted file types. For instance, if you want to allow users to upload audio, text, and video files, you can use the following example:


Control Output

The File Upload control offers important outputs that enable you to work with the uploaded files programmatically. These outputs can be accessed using the control's unique name, such as fileupload.

Files Array

The files property stores an array of file objects that the user has selected. Each file object contains information about the selected file, which can be accessed through its properties.


fileupload.filesAn array of selected file objects containing various file properties.

To access the data of the first selected file:

{{ FilePicker1.files[0].data }}


value_selectOccurs when there is a change in the value of the respective control, typically triggered by selecting another option or inputting a new value.