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Short Card

The Short Card control is a compact representation commonly used for business cards or brief user profiles. It displays essential information about individuals in a concise and easily consumable format.

Short Card Preview
Short Card Preview

Binding Data Options

The Short Card control accepts data in the form of a single object representing concise information about an individual. Here's an example of the data bind format:

"fullname": "Maria Gerhold",
"email": "",
"avatar": "",
"_isSelected": false



Cover ImageDisplays the user's image as the cover image.
TitleDisplays the user's name as the title for the card.
Detailed ViewOffers a detailed view of the selected user's information.


Font SizeFont size of the displayed data.
Font WeightFont weight of the displayed data.
Font ColorFont color of the displayed data.
Spacing Between PropertiesSpacing between different properties.
Visible ColumnsNumber of visible columns.
Fit to ScreenOption to fit data to the screen.


SearchbarOption to show or hide the search bar.
ButtonsAvailable action buttons (e.g., Download, Refresh).
FiltersOption to persist filters.
Quick FilterOption to enable quick filter.
SortingOption to enable sorting.
On Card ClickAction to perform when the card is clicked.

Control Outputs

shortcardData associated with the selected individual.


selection_changeTriggers when there is a change in the selected short card.
action1_clickTriggers when the first custom action button is clicked.