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The Icon Control is a versatile element used to display various types of graphical icons in a microapp. It provides customization options for icon appearance, size, color, alignment, and more.



Select IconChoose from available icon options, such as "icon-user" or other predefined icons.
Icon SizeSpecify the icon size in pixels, determining its visual dimension on the screen.
Icon ColorSet the color code (#000) for the icon, altering its appearance.
BackgroundDefine the background color code (#FFF) behind the icon.
AlignmentHorizontal and Vertical alignment options (Left, Center, Right, Top, Center, Bottom).
Border PropertiesCustomize border width, radius, and color around the icon.
Hover PropertiesAdjust icon size, color, and background for hover effects.

## Events

icon_clickTriggered upon clicking the icon within the control