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Image Slider

The Image Slider control is a dynamic feature that displays a set of images in a slider format, enabling an engaging visual representation within a microapp.

Image Slider Control

Binding Data Options

The Image Slider control accepts an array of image URLs as binding data. Here's an example format for binding images:



The Image Slider control offers various properties for customization:

Visible Images on WebSpecifies the number of images visible in the Image Slider
Select ImageAllows the addition of images to display in the Image Slider
AutoplayEnables or disables autoplay functionality for the slider
Show ArrowsControls the display of navigation arrows for sliding images
Image WidthSets the width of the image (percentage or pixels)
Image Max-WidthSpecifies the maximum width of the image
HeightSets the height of the image (percentage or pixels)
Border RadiusDetermines the radius of the image's rounded corners
Fill TypeSpecifies how the image fills the container (Cover or Contain)
OpacityDefines the opacity of the images in the slider