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Color Picker

The Color Picker control provides users with the ability to choose colors visually from a spectrum or predefined color palettes. This control is commonly used in applications that require users to select specific colors for various design or visualization purposes.

Color Picker
Color Picker


Display Options
Show PaletteEnables the display of a palette for easy color selection.
Show OpacityAllows users to adjust the opacity of the selected color.
Show PreviewDisplays a preview of the chosen color.
Show HueShows the hue selector for more precise color choice.
Tray TypeThe Color Picker control offers different tray types, such as Nano, to streamline the color selection process.
Default ColorDefines the default color displayed when the Color Picker control loads.
Palette ColorAllows users to pick a color from a predefined palette.


The Color Picker control triggers the following events:

value_changeOccurs when there is a change in the value of the respective control, typically triggered by selecting or changing a color.