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The Numeric Control is a versatile tool used to gather numeric data or perform calculations based on user inputs. It can handle various numeric formats, such as whole numbers and decimals, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.



ThemeChoose the color of the Container box. You can use a custom hex code or select one from the available themes in the builder.
Display FormatThree options available: Normal - displays the number as entered, Currency - rounds off to the nearest whole number, Accounting - displays negative values in brackets.
PlaceholderProvides a hint to users on what to input. It appears in the field and disappears when users start typing.
Decimal PrecisionDefines the number of digits after the decimal point to be displayed. Use 0 for no decimal points.
Debounce Time (ms)Specifies the delay between events in milliseconds, controlling the action frequency on value change.
Show Barcode ScannerEnables barcode scanning for data entry using a mobile device's camera. When scanned, the interpreted data sets as the control value.

Control Output

The outputs from the Numeric control, represented by the placeholder {{numeric}}, can be referenced in other controls, data queries, or JavaScript functions using the control's unique name.

numericRepresents the numeric value available in the Numeric control.


value_changeTriggers when you change the value in the Numeric control. Initiates subsequent actions with the same flow as used for action buttons, list controls, etc.
focus_outTriggers when focus moves to another control, initiating the action flow.
enter_pressTriggers when the Enter key is pressed after inputting data in the Numeric control.