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Text Input

The Text Input Control enables users to input or modify text data within a Text column. It is utilized to gather a single line of text, such as a person's name, city, or job title in the case of an employee.

Text Input
Text Input


ThemeThe theme option allows you to choose the color of the text box. You can either enter a custom hex code value or select one from the available themes in the builder.
PlaceholderIt is a prompt that provides a hint to the user about what needs to be entered. It appears in the text field and gets replaced when the user inputs data.
Input TypeThe input type defines the type of data the text field will accept. There are four input types for a Text Input Control: Text (accepts text data), Email (accepts valid email formats with built-in validation), URL (Link) (used for storing links or URIs), and Password (accepts encrypted input for password fields).
Min CharacterThe character limit sets the minimum number of characters allowed in the text field.
Max CharacterThe character limit sets the maximum number of characters allowed in the text field.
Debounce Time (In ms)This is the delay in milliseconds between events. You can use the debounce time to control the frequency of action triggers when there is a change in value.
Show Raw DataThis option allows you to display JSON data directly in a textbox without any formatting. By default, the Show Raw Data is set to ON.
Show Barcode ScannerWhen selected, this option enables a barcode scanner for entering data into the text field using a mobile device's camera. A QR code scanner opens up, and the scanned data is set as the control value.

Control Output

The outputs from the Text Input control, represented by the placeholder {{textinput}}, can be referenced in other controls, data queries, or JavaScript functions using the control's unique name.

textinputRepresents the text value available in the Text Input control.


value_changeTriggers when you change the value in the Numeric control. Initiates subsequent actions with the same flow as used for action buttons, list controls, etc.
focus_outTriggers when focus moves to another control, initiating the action flow.
enter_pressTriggers when the Enter key is pressed after inputting data in the Numeric control.