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The Embed control is an advanced display feature used to integrate external content such as websites, videos, and PDFs directly into app forms.

Vertical Steps
Vertical Steps

The Embed control serves as a versatile tool, particularly valuable when incorporating external website data, including reports, dashboards, partner links, etc., from permitted URLs, into your app.

Binding Data Option

The Embed control accepts a string URL format to embed external content into the app. There are different ways to bind data to the Embed control.

Static Data Option

You can provide a single URL string to display static content within the Embed control. For example:



Auto HeightEnable or disable the automatic height adjustment for the Embed control.
Show BorderToggle to specify whether a border should be displayed around the Embed control's frame.
Frame WidthSpecify the width in pixels or as a percentage, vw, or vh for the Embed control's frame.
Min HeightSet the minimum height (when Auto Height is toggled on) based on your overall app design.
Document URLSpecify the URL of the video or content to be embedded within your form.