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The Quantity control is an advanced input element designed to specify the quantity of a particular product or any other item. It is commonly used in microapps where users need to input a numeric quantity for various purposes.

Quantity Control
Quantity Control

Binding Data Options

The Quantity control requires two different pieces of data to display:

Static Data Option

To input data into the Quantity control, you need to specify the binding data in two sections:

"title": "Product Title",
"value": 5

This JSON object includes the product's title as a string and the associated quantity as a number.


ThemeAllows customization of the control's color, either using a custom hex code or choosing from available themes.
TextDisplays the item's label, indicating the element for which the quantity is being entered.
PropertiesCustomizes the text label's appearance, enabling size, weight (Light, Normal, Bold, Extra Bold, X Extra Bold), and color changes.
Dark IconsSets the color of the icons to increase and decrease the quantity to a darker shade, typically black.

Control Outputs

The Quantity control outputs data associated with the product or item, represented by the placeholders {{quantity.title}} for the product's title and {{quantity.value}} for the entered quantity.

{{quantity.title}}Represents the title or label of the product associated with the entered quantity.
{{quantity.value}}Indicates the entered quantity for the corresponding product.


value_changeActivates upon modification in the value of the respective control, typically used for numeric input.
enter_pressTriggers upon pressing the Enter key after inputting data in the Quantity control.
focus_outOccurs when the control loses focus, typically when the user clicks outside the control.